Community Consulting


Community Consulting


I help companies find harmony between the want to do good by their community and the need to build a sustainable business. We figure out authentic ways to turn investments in human relationships into meaningful, positive results for both the business entity and the people it impacts.


Community means business

Community: This word has appeared on my business card since 2010, evolving from "community guy" to "VP, Community". The companies I've worked with have invested millions in community-building and the teams of people whose cards said Community Manager, Developer Advocate (or Evangelist), and Community Ambassador. 

Today's greatest companies understand that few things are more important than the relationships with the people who make their business possible. Customers, partners, fans, followers, investors 👉  they all represent human beings who give the company life. 

Community is all about those relationships. Through creative community strategies, organizations can connect with people on their frequency - those who love their brand and want to be part of the journey. Through genuine connections and a lil help from our pal, Trust, companies can truly collaborate with their community members; they can create mutual value and advance toward their collective and respective causes.

What's a Community Consultant?

As a Community Consultant, I work closely with organizations to understand their objectives and devise strategies that (we believe) will lead to realizing an ultimate vision. 

While a given project involves lots of different tactics, our efforts are always guided by empathy for the humans involved and appreciation for the power of people united and oriented toward a common goal. 

Ultimately, it's my job to foster inclusive, diverse environments where creativity can thrive and serve to benefit the company (client) and the people who've gathered around it.  

I engage with clients through workshops, talks, discussion circles, mentorship, and ongoing/long-term projects. My style is collaborative, inclusive, and transparent; we develop programs and put them into practice together.


      examples of work from recent projects: 

      • Developer Outreach Strategy
      • Measuring Impact of Community Investment
      • Content and Communications Strategy
      • Developer Evangelist/Advocate Training
      • Fostering Your Online Community
      • Connecting Your Community via Email
      • Internal Hackathons (for your employees, guests)
      • Events Strategy (sponsorship, speaking, etc)
      • Staff Training for a Stellar Event Presence
      • New Product Launch Strategy
      • Recruiting, Hiring, Team Building
      • Success Management for Remote Teams
      • Developer Experience Design
      • External Hackathons (for and with your community)

      If any of these things make you think, "oh yeah, we really need to do that better," then let's talk.


      Startup Mentorship

      Startup Mentorship

      I mentor entrepreneurs around the globe, supporting them in their journeys to change their communities and their world for the better. I hope that my guidance plays a role in growing the sum total of companies in the world that do right by their people and the planet.

      I mentor with the following startup accelerators:

        Techstars , world-wide

      Techstars, world-wide

        Parallel 18 , Puerto Rico 

      Parallel 18, Puerto Rico 

        Zeroth , Hong Kong/Asia

      Zeroth, Hong Kong/Asia

      If you're an entrepreneur seeking mentorship, or you work with startups and/or know founders who could benefit from such a resource, feel free to connect with me. I'll always do my best to offer support.

      Mentorship Case Study:

      A journal entry from one of my past trips to Puerto Rico, for a Visiting Mentorship engagement with Parallel 18.

      Mentor Biography:

      Tim’s professional expertise orbits around the craft of community-building -- particularly amongst developers and around developer tools and APIs (application programming interfaces). His personal principles keep him actively engaged in the cultural aspects of creating a company. As such, much of Tim’s work as a mentor focuses on the “people" part of business.
      Tim has been an early-employee and held leadership positions at several technology startups, including SendGrid (IPO, 2017) and Keen IO (acquired, 2017), and Nexosis (acquired, 2018). 
      Tim also serves startups as an independent board member of Get Cheddar (a fin-tech startup in his home state of Indiana), advisor to Rodin (AR/VR platform) and Quirky30 (education non-profit in South Africa), and mentor with TechstarsParallel 18, and countless other entrepreneurs and startups around the globe.

      A nomad at heart, Tim can oftentimes be found in San Francisco, CA, with his fiancé Laura.


      I speak to audiences around the world at conferences, workshops, and other venues.


      I speak to audiences around the world at conferences, workshops, and other venues.

      In public speaking, my intention is not only to broadcast a message, but to start a conversation. You can view a few of my recent talks below. Feel free to holler at me if you'd like to talk about talking ;) 

      Recent talks (video)

      Heavybit Industries - San Francisco, CA - Oct 2017

      Building Developer Relations Teams

      A panel discussion hosted by Heavybit. I had the honor and privilege of joining Bear Douglas, Jade Wang, and Justin Johnson in a conversation about the when's, why's, and how's of establishing and growing a team of developer relations pros and a program around them.

      [📸  / 📽️  by Heavybit / Willy Johnson 👉 ]

      DevRelCon - San Francisco, CA - April 2016

      Fast Forward: deploying our best selves to build the future of developer communities

      A talk delivered at a conference for Developer Relations professionals - an audience that represents a more granular level of community building; one whose work focuses on technologists and evangelizing technical products.

      CMX Summit West - San Francisco, CA - October 2015

      Cultivating a Community-Oriented Organization

      A talk delivered at my favorite conference on Earth (and the only one I've attended every rendition.) CMX Summit is designed for community professionals by community professionals. Speakers and attendees are one another's peers, coming together from varied backgrounds and working toward different goals, yet learning how to get there together. 

      Other recent talks (slides)

      Cultura y Comunidad

      Parallel 18 Accelerator - May 2017 (San Juan, PR)

      Startup Community Roots

      San Diego Startup Week - June 2016 (San Diego, CA)

      Rethinking Education

      Puerto Rico Tech Summit - June 2016 (San Juan, PR)

      Community & Culture: tools for building a company for the present & future

      Parallel 18 Accelerator - June 2016 (San Juan, PR)

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